Time to celebrate, Eight Wire is seven

Eight Wire is proud to be marking the completion of its seventh year of marketing businesses in Cornwall and beyond.

In the last seven years we’ve serviced the needs of more than 500 clients who have commissioned all manner of work from brochures and business cards to branding and public relations. We’ve also been commissioned to design, write and build more than 120 websites.

We’ve lost count of the PR column inches we’ve won, the tweets we’ve sent, the visitors we’ve converted, the posts and blogs we’ve updated, the inbound links we’ve assured. However, we can tell you that these strategies have proven themselves worthwhile and cost-effective time and again.

Likewise, there’s no record of the litres of midnight oil we’ve burned, the vats of tea we’ve drunk, the Spotify cul-de-sacs we’ve dug our way out of and amazing cupcakes from Susan we’ve munched our way through.

People close to the day-to-day of Eight Wire will have spotted that we’re currently in the process of building the team by two people that will take us upto a team of six of us beavering away on the wharf to make other people’s businesses work better.

We look to welcoming our new team members and we want to thank all of our clients, new and old, established and startup. We often find ourselves in your company when you’re going through exciting, or otherwise challenging, times in your business development. Thanks for being with us for the ride so far, we very much hope you’ll continue to choose us to look after your needs in the future.