The icing on the cake
Photography for Community Energy Plus was one of the sweetest gigs we've ever been asked to do.
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We all know that an image is worth a thousand words – and that is why Eight Wire specialises in being able to provide photography that brings your marketing message to life and engages with your potential customers.

Our photographers

We keep a book of the best, busy, freelance photographers because it’s vital to select the right photographer for the  job. So we keep close relationships with photographers in the locations and sectors in which we operate to make sure that we have someone in mind for any particular job.

Some specialise in food, some in interiors while others are more suited to editorial work. Whatever the situation we can assess who is the best fit for the work and the budget and we can provide costs for any particular photographer for a half-day or full-day’s shoot.

Getting the most from your photography (styling and shoot management )

In order to get the best out of any photographer an element of shoot management is required. This could go as far as enlisting a stylist who goes shopping for the props you’ll need to really make a holiday cottage look ready to relax in or to make a standard office look like the professional business hub your customer needs to see.

We can also provide a plan of the shoot from briefing the photographer to being there on site, monitoring shots coming off the camera to ensure we have what we need. We can’t guarantee the weather but with good planning we maximise the chances of you getting the best out of your investment in the shoot.

Investing in the talent of the future

Among the photographers we use, we also keep a sharp eye out for the photographers of tomorrow. With an incredible reputation for the arts and recent growth, Eight Wire benefits from Falmouth University on its doorstep. This a hive of creativity has some of the best digital studios we’ve ever seen and runs a semi-professional photography agency that enables us to offer high quality work for a fraction of the cost while helping budding photographers to prepare for the real world of work. We would be discuss whether this would be appropriate for your particular needs.