Your brand is what you communicate to others about how you stand out from your competitors. It’s far more than just a logo – it’s how you behave, how you appear and how you relate to your clients. We offer branding implementation and advice. We have a wealth of experience in helping small to medium sized companies achieve their branding goals.
With designers and copywriters in-house we can help with everything from brand concept through to brand name and straplines. We can even take you through our bespoke tone-of-voice workshop to capture the essence of your brand and give operatives the information they need when writing for your organisation.
To achieve solid brands that work you need quality graphic design and you need a great process. At Eight Wire we’re quite proud of our branding process. From interrogation of the brief through to market research and concept evaluation, we have honed a system that is effective and drills down into brand ethos in record time.