Putting a face to a name  at Flushing Village Club

An organisation that has been going for generations in a Cornish village now has its first logo as it works to better explain to the local community exactly what it does.

Flushing Village Club, which is located in the centre of the village of Flushing, is a hive of activity hosting school lunches, yoga lessons, children’s parties, a weekly doctor’s surgery and a hair dresser for the less mobile.

The club, which has been called a “hidden gem of Flushing,” asked Eight Wire to help by creating a logo as part of a new drive to be more inclusive in the community and help it get its message across.

The re-brand started with the committee asking school children in Flushing to consider options for the logo design. The ideas were then refined by the Eight Wire graphic design team, to deliver a bold, blue logo which encapsulates the spirit of a historic, fishing village.

Pictured are Mash Derrick from the village club and Jamie Smith from Eight Wire with the new logo. Some of the children’s original ideas can be seen here: