We’re looking for a new PSD Solution

Production Systems Delivery Tender

We’re inviting businesses to tender for our new PSD for the studio.


We’re seeking a formal costed quote, along with a proposed delivery plan, of the types of services that you might be able to supply matching the brief detailed attached for our Production Systems Delivery (PSD) system.


We invite quotes from suitably experienced organisations with abilities and a proven track record in database design, implementation and systems integration.  The successful organisation will work in partnership with the in-house delivery team to implement the chosen solution be this a bespoke open source development or an off the shelf application.

We desire that the future management of the system and any potential modifications could be managed within the business.

Quote Process

Interested organisations are required to submit a response against the question set below:

Company Name:

Q1. Please detail your organisation’s skills and experience in delivering the type of activity detailed in the request for quotation.  Please include examples where similar developments have been delivered successfully previously.

Q2. Please provide details of the relevant professional experience of staff that will be involved in delivering the service

Q3. Please provide an outline plan for undertaking this work including expected time to start and finish including user testing time.

Q4. Please provide a brief description of how the development process works and how any communications would work with Eight Wire operational staff i.e. face to face phone e-mail web ex or conferencing tools such as Facetime\Skype.

Q5. How will you evidence value for money and how will you charge for your services?  Please provide examples of costings and explain if your rates are hourly or costed based on an estimate following an agreed specification of work required.

Please ensure all responses are limited to 500 words per question. Responses will be weighted as follows: Q1 15%, Q2 10%, Q3 30%, Q4 30% Q5 15%


Please return your completed quotation to sara@8wire.co.uk by 12:00pm on 23th September 2016.  Please put in the email subject line “PSD Development”.

Please direct any questions you have about this quote or the process to the same email address using the email subject line “PSD Development Question”.  The last time and date for clarification questions by 12:00pm on 09th September 2016.

For full information about our requirements and the tender process, please view the attached PDF.