Website content-maintenance provision. Since 1963, Pantone has been at the forefront of world colour expertise—offering innovative products that help standardise and forecast a wide variety of colour applications for industry, providing professional colour standards and acting as a source of inspiration for those working in the design industry worldwide. was conceived as a web-based, colour-forecasting subscription service that unites the world of design through the language of colour to enable design teams and product managers around the world to deliver products and designs that are on-trend despite lead times forcing them to work months or years ahead.

The website was commissioned by New Jersey-based Pantone Inc and was designed and built by Squeaky Wheel Media in New York City. Eight Wire was invited to assist the European editorial team of View Publications (Amsterdam) which has a vast experience in print media and needed to bridge a gap between its existing skills base and publishing to the web.

Drawing on Eight Wire’s practical knowledge of SEO content writing and experience in designing and building web projects, the project benefitted from Eight Wire’s population of the site with content from the editorial team.

Eight Wire also fed into the process of testing and debugging the user interface. Eight Wire worked closely with View Publications, Pantone and Squeaky Wheel Media pre-launch, post-launch and continued a role in updating during the lifetime of the service.

Other than a single in-person meeting in Amsterdam, Eight Wire’s involvement was handled by digital collaboration systems including Basecamp, Trello and Skype.

What we did:

  • Website consultation for the European market
  • Content population and original content creation
  • SEO tag writing
  • Content upload
  • project management