Froggy Match-It is the first app to be launched by Easylearn founders, Graham and Lynn. After decades creating paper-based resources for schools around the world, the pair recognised the opportunity to engage children using interactive apps. Froggy Match-it is a children’s educational reading and spelling game for children who have just started to learn how to read three-letter words. The game helps children to read and spell using the phonics approach advocated by the Department for Education.

Graham and Lynn required a strong brand and website to ensure their app stands out in an expanding marketplace. Having developed a close relationship with the Easylearn team over the years, Eight Wire had experienced various projects involving the education sector. This, matched with research into the education app industry, ensured that the brand was positioned to make an impact. The finished brand utilised bright colours, a fun frog illustration and a playful font. When matched with the illustrated icons on the app and the cartoons throughout the website, Froggy Match-It came to life.

Froggy Match-It is due to launch in the coming weeks. Eight Wire continues to work closely with Graham and Lynn to provide marketing support in the run up to the launch including email marketing, social media advertising, film management and PR.

Eight Wire provided:

  • Branding
  • Website design
  • Illustration