Facebook update presents marketing opportunity

Now is the time to take advantage of the new Facebook timeline feature to promote your businesses. The new Facebook timeline for business is now standard however some businesses are yet to make the most of it.

This nearly screen-wide banner is a great branding opportunity. The best-looking cover images are designed to the right size (851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall).

Rules dictate that you can’t have your website, contact info, calls to action, discounts or price information on the cover. You may, however, use your company strapline, quotes or names of people in your photo. The profile picture keeps the same functionality but is often cropped awkwardly by default.

Designing to the exact size will make it look best. To celebrate the new opportunity, Eight Wire is running a special offer for designing your new Facebook cover image and profile pic, suitable for the timeline, for £60. It’s an offer we’ll run throughout April. Click here if you’d like to talk to us about Facebook marketing.